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The Joys of Communal Gaming

XBOX Live is the death of fun.


Okay, maybe not, but there is something to be said about it killing my couch.  Back in the day, there was nothing better than inviting a couple of people over and busting out any given game, and laughing our assess off as the night went on.  Now, my couch has grown lonely and sad from lack of use, and it’s mainly because of this “online gaming” fad.    Now don’t get me wrong; XBOX Live and PSN are a great achievement in gaming, but I think in the move towards “the future,” we are missing something.


For full disclosure; I am currently surrounded by two other guys as we all game on our PC’s, laughing, crying, and all around having a great time.  Truth be told, this hardly ever happens, but when it does; it’s magical.  People have been punched, terrible jokes have been made, and I will be lucky if I don’t come out emotionally unscathed.   This, to me, is what gaming with friends is all about.


As much as I enjoy playing old friends online, keeping up those game nights that we all grew up on, there is something to be said about just getting people together and playing.  The simple joy of enjoying the same thing together all at the same time.  Games like Rayman Origins, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, and even Borderlands keep this alive by letting players sit together and just enjoy the experience.  They hearken back to the original Mario, Contra, and even Goldeneye and Halo; strengthening bonds, and ruining friendships.


It’s just incredibly interesting that as the internet brings the world, “closer together,” I find myself being physically around people less and less.  Playing Halo: Reach online is fun, and going through some waves of enemies in Mass Effect 3 is great; I would never argue otherwise.  It just seems that the older I get, the more I find that these online experiences just seem to be lacking that special something.


So, before I continue to talk in circles any longer than I have; go grab someone and play something together.  It’s all you’ll want to do afterward….maybe…

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