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The 2DS: A Point/Counterpoint brought to you by Gamasutra

Nintendo’s announcement of the 2DS came as a shock to many of us, and just as many are wondering what their thought process must be. I’m decidedly sure that this is a Pokemon machine (because it is coincidentally launching on the the same day) aimed at little kids.


Gamasutra has had two write-ups since the announcement, one speaking of Nintendo’s already confusing messaging, and another saying what Nintendo is probably trying to actually get across. Give them both a read, and comment here, there, wherever. Being a part of the conversation is cool…or so I am told.


What’s so confusing about the Nintendo 2DS?


Nintendo’s 2DS is brand confusion in a box

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Why a SCUMM-y day isn’t a bad one

Many of my favorite early gaming memories were playing Lucasarts games running on the SCUMM game engine.  That name might not mean anything to you; but games like Secret of Monkey Island, Full Throttle, and Day of the Tentacle probably do, and all of them ran on SCUMM.  Gamasutra did an incredible interview with one of the creators of the engine, Aric Wilmunder, and it is a wonderful piece of behind the scenes moments.





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What You See and What That Means

Here’s another great design piece from one the developers at Gamasutra; breaking down the layers of player interaction in a controlled environment.  It’s a bit on the long side, but at least give it a skim.  There’s some really interesting tidbits if you take the time to check it out.



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How To Make a Game…or Simple Rules for Making Cool Stuff

Written by James Marsden; but not the one you’re thinking of, Gamasutra posted up a really great breakdown of what some of the parts necessary are for a great game….Once again, a great read and worth checking out.



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Do Boss Battle Still Matter

Gamasutra put up an article by Vincent Smith that really digs into the problems with modern day boss battles, and hopefully some solutions.  Check it out, its a good read.



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Gender In(E3)quality

Its unsettling to see that this type of thing still happens, but it does.  This is an interesting rundown of some of the “horror” stories that happened in and around E3 this year. Just as interesting is the continuing conversation in the comments section of the article; where some of the people involved in those stories speak out.  Please give it a read, and be a part of the change.




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