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This can bring peace to the “Console Wars”

As you all well know; I love good music, especially creative music. This follows both criteria pretty solidly. Enjoy.


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Get Lucky as told by Mario Paint

Seriously, Nintendo.


People are still making things with Mario Paint. Think of it this way, has anything you’ve made in recent memory going to have that sort of staying power?




Okay then.




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1 Million Concurrent Views….of DOTA 2

Wow…just wow.


I’ll be honest. I’ve never played a MOBA, but I hear DOTA 2 and League of Legends are the best.  Recently, Valve held the DOTA 2 International tournament and streamed the whole thing on Twitch.  At its peak, there were over 1 million concurrent viewers…


That is completely nuts…


In a good way, of course. I would kill for a small fraction of that for the Thinkcast. It is truly an amazing feat for DOTA and for Valve, and for that, we here at Gamers Who Think give them a tip of the hat.


Here’s a quick breakdown from Games Industry International


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Digital Religion or is Link Jesus or Paul?

Jeff Wheeldon has an interesting breakdown on PushSelect comparing Link of The Legend of Zelda and messianic concepts in Christianity.  Even if you don’t find yourself all that religious, it’s an intriguing thought.  So give it a look and let him know what you think.



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Gender In(E3)quality

Its unsettling to see that this type of thing still happens, but it does.  This is an interesting rundown of some of the “horror” stories that happened in and around E3 this year. Just as interesting is the continuing conversation in the comments section of the article; where some of the people involved in those stories speak out.  Please give it a read, and be a part of the change.




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