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I Have No Problem with “Floor Sandwiches”

Brought to you by the Nerdist Channel, here is a fantastic Bioshock Infinite sketch…





Seriously though, the entire game you’re digging through trash to find all sorts of food…

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This can bring peace to the “Console Wars”

As you all well know; I love good music, especially creative music. This follows both criteria pretty solidly. Enjoy.


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Get Lucky as told by Mario Paint

Seriously, Nintendo.


People are still making things with Mario Paint. Think of it this way, has anything you’ve made in recent memory going to have that sort of staying power?




Okay then.




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Conan Goes to E3

Well, leave it to Conan O’Brien to really figure out what was going on at this year’s E3…


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A Runner’s Runner

Gaijin Games, creator of the Bit Trip Series and Runner 2 have released a free endless runner that works in your browser; starring Commander Video himself. It’s super addictive and you should check it out if you have any interest in that style of game.




Go for it….why are you still here?

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The Moon Level…You Know Which One

With how often this has become, this might become its own thing; but once again, here is some music to close out your evening to. Brought to you by Smooth McGroove, Capcom, and those rascals at Disney.   (As a sidenote: this is easily one of best pieces of game music ever.)


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Nhy2aNEPshw%5D
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Chiptunes – Not Crunchy; but Still Good.




From band Anamanaguchi

-Enjoy everyone, some big posts coming on the ‘morrow

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Sony’s Press Event – Abridged…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=71H69yDZ6W4#!%5D


Just check it out….it gives you all you need to know…sort of.

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