So that’s why Sony was looking into the Occulus…

Well, it seems that many sites are reporting that Sony is looking into a VR headset of some sort for the PS4. This is interesting for a lot of reasons. I was hoping that they were looking into partnering with the makers of the Rift, but if their own thing can be just as good, then there will be no problems here. Nonetheless, I’m curious to see how this plays. Sony hasn’t been too successful with their first party peripherals; ergo the Eye, Move, Sharpshooter, etc.


Enjoy the report HERE

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The 2DS: A Point/Counterpoint brought to you by Gamasutra

Nintendo’s announcement of the 2DS came as a shock to many of us, and just as many are wondering what their thought process must be. I’m decidedly sure that this is a Pokemon machine (because it is coincidentally launching on the the same day) aimed at little kids.


Gamasutra has had two write-ups since the announcement, one speaking of Nintendo’s already confusing messaging, and another saying what Nintendo is probably trying to actually get across. Give them both a read, and comment here, there, wherever. Being a part of the conversation is cool…or so I am told.


What’s so confusing about the Nintendo 2DS?


Nintendo’s 2DS is brand confusion in a box

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Simply “Symphonic” or The Future of Video Game Music

Little to most people know, but I was a music minor in college.  As such, music has always been an integral part of who I am.  It speaks to me like a canvas speaks to a painter, or stone to a sculptor.  I believe that it, like all art, can change lives and effect us to our core.


I think that is why game music has always been an interesting topic for me.  It combines two of the things that I love, and it is constantly evolving with the medium.  When you think of early games, names like Nobuo Uematsu and Koji Kondo come to mind.  More recently, Jesper Kyd, Jason Graves, and Martin O’Donnel have been instrumental in crafting some of the more memorable modern soundscapes.


Some how, David Valjalo managed to get the three of them together for an incredible interview; discussing modern game music, how it has developed and where it is going to go.  If you have any interest in either medium, please go give it a read.  It is one of the lesser thought of aspects of game development, and one of the most important. Enjoy

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1 Million Concurrent Views….of DOTA 2

Wow…just wow.


I’ll be honest. I’ve never played a MOBA, but I hear DOTA 2 and League of Legends are the best.  Recently, Valve held the DOTA 2 International tournament and streamed the whole thing on Twitch.  At its peak, there were over 1 million concurrent viewers…


That is completely nuts…


In a good way, of course. I would kill for a small fraction of that for the Thinkcast. It is truly an amazing feat for DOTA and for Valve, and for that, we here at Gamers Who Think give them a tip of the hat.


Here’s a quick breakdown from Games Industry International

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Is Final Fantasy a Walking Corpse?

Chris brings up some incredible points in his article on Wired.  I tend to agree with him on the majority of it.  Sadly, I still have some hope for the series.  Albeit, I never finished XIII or touched its sequels, so maybe that colors my opinion.  I think XV (what was formerly Versus XIII) looks quite interesting, but this might turn out to be my last go of it.  Here’s hoping that Square-Enix still has the magic left, because I believe many of us know this could be their final shot.

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Why a SCUMM-y day isn’t a bad one

Many of my favorite early gaming memories were playing Lucasarts games running on the SCUMM game engine.  That name might not mean anything to you; but games like Secret of Monkey Island, Full Throttle, and Day of the Tentacle probably do, and all of them ran on SCUMM.  Gamasutra did an incredible interview with one of the creators of the engine, Aric Wilmunder, and it is a wonderful piece of behind the scenes moments.



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What You See and What That Means

Here’s another great design piece from one the developers at Gamasutra; breaking down the layers of player interaction in a controlled environment.  It’s a bit on the long side, but at least give it a skim.  There’s some really interesting tidbits if you take the time to check it out.

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How To Make a Game…or Simple Rules for Making Cool Stuff

Written by James Marsden; but not the one you’re thinking of, Gamasutra posted up a really great breakdown of what some of the parts necessary are for a great game….Once again, a great read and worth checking out.

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A Runner’s Runner

Gaijin Games, creator of the Bit Trip Series and Runner 2 have released a free endless runner that works in your browser; starring Commander Video himself. It’s super addictive and you should check it out if you have any interest in that style of game.


Go for it….why are you still here?

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Breaking Down Mattrick’s Exit

GamesIndustry has a great critique of what Mattrick’s exit from Microsoft means for the company and his future.  It’s a bit of a long read, but definitely worth it.

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