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Thinkcast Ep. 3

Yup, it’s episode three; and no, you didn’t miss two.

It got lost to the nether realms of the internet.

In tonight’s show;

WiiU, PS4, Werewolves, Spyro the Dragon, and why Nintendo can’t seem to get their act together and what Jonny thinks they can do to fix it (It Won’t Happen)


Jonny Smith

Stewart Self

Meredith Whitworth


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Pelosi, Video Games, and Violence

Well, this is different….different good; not different bad…

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Breaching the Event Horizon

This is a glorious time to be a fan of gaming.  Though not officially stated, we are on the brink of a new console generation and with it comes new concepts, ideas, and innovations.  Both Microsoft and Sony have had supposed “leaks” of their new specs and the rumor mill is churning with “news” by the day.  Everyone is excited; you can feel it in the air.  Sony and Microsoft are creating their “hype-trains,” developers are excited to be able to show their new games soon, and gamers are excited for what is to be the “next big thing.”  Even more interesting is the fact that it is no longer just the games that we are all waiting to see; but everything else these next generation consoles can do.  With the advent of Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime, and all the other various apps that have come to the 360 and PS3; we are waiting to see what else these new consoles can bring to us.  This new chapter in the eternal “console war,” will not be won by exclusives and games alone; but by the “everything else,” and that too, is exciting.


This is the natural evolution of our hobby.  Gaming is growing up.  As we have seen newer games tackle mature themes and storytelling situations, so to our consoles have grown up as well.  For this generation and those coming after, gaming is part of our lives and our  consoles have begun to reflect that.  They are becoming more and more intrinsically part of what we do, keeping us logged in and part of the communities and ecosystems they create.  They strive to be our entertainment hub, and for many of us, that is what they have become.  With services like HBO Go, Amazon Prime, and others like it; there are those who no longer have a cable provider, but simply use their console as a delivery device.  People can have their consoles access their Twitter accounts, search the internet, and store all their photos for viewing later.  To say that the 360 and PS3 are solely about games nowadays would be to ignore the growth that has occurred over the last six years.


We are about to watch the birth of something amazing; maybe something that will change the game forever. (No pun intended)  Though more likely, we are about to witness the thing we all get excited for; simply, a new console.  Whether you are a Microsoft or Sony fan, everyone is waving their flags in excitement, and the inner child in all of us is waiting for the moment all is revealed.  Yes, we’ve been here before, and yes, there are things that make this launch a bit different and possibly have a greater impact.  But nonetheless, here we are waiting for the first shots to be fired across the bow, sitting in anticipation of what’s to come, and nothing could be more exciting.


Here are the links to the Original Kotaku articles that contain the supposed specs of the new systems…

The Next XBOX:

The “Orbis” :

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